Tribal Freedom Fighter (TFF) is an international non-sectarian, non-
partisan, nonprofit organization, which promotes an innovative,
values-based approach to unity, fight against tribalism, peace building
and promotion of values of progressive people development.
Our philosophy is premised on the understanding that the myriad of
challenges that Africa, and African people face such as poverty,
inequality, wars and many others arise from the fact that we do not
read from the same page on all matters that affect all sectors of our

Thus, we underscore the fact that, ‘The struggle of Africa is the African himself and therefore the success of Africa is the African himself’. The struggle of Africa is in many ways marked by the division
amongst themselves and the lack of self and mutual value amongst fellow Africans. Undoubtedly, the major value based division in the continent is the ethnic division. Out of this realization, and in the establishment of Tribal Freedom Fighter, a diverse group of Africans have come together to help bring forth the change that Africa so desperately needs. We believe a shared future is within our reach, and that our shared identity and common aspirations as members of the human family establish the basis for sustainable efforts in heightening and delivering solid development in Africa.


TFF’s vision and track record are based on a cohesive and dynamic society where every person’s rights are protected regardless of tribe, clan, gender or political belief.

We strive to combat prejudice, tribalism, inequality, and violence around Africa. As individuals who have either experienced the Civil Wars, poverty, human strife, unemployment and unfulfilled potential first hand or whose families were affected, we understand the devastation that tribalism and other forms of divisions can cause.

Too many lives are still limited, controlled and even threatened because of these differences.

While celebrating the differences between communities we are aware of how these same differences can be manipulated and exploited for destructive purposes.

With this knowledge, we create a safe space for members and communities to reflect on how tribalism and inequality have impacted their lives and how they can reframe their relationships with people from other backgrounds.

With our dynamic support base, we have managed to spread the message of anti-tribalism within targeted communities and beyond. Our members are drawn from all segments of the African society and backgrounds and they have enabled us to combat tribalism and inequality over the period of our existence.

We are eager to attract even more members and expand the breadth and depth of our work.


Our vision is of a society where people work together to resolve Tribalism and Social Inequality and promote tolerant, progressive and inclusive African societies. A sustainable unity at all times and success that is not limited by diversity and a society that is free from all forms of division


Our mission is to promote unity, eradicate tribalism and all other tools of division in our societies, build up individuals’ self-esteem and create opportunity for growth and development of individuals and communities


Meat our team  who are working tireless to eradicate tribalism and its side effects across the continent.





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