On the 30th of November 2019 Tribal Freedom Fighter joined forces with the Kwetou Gospel Events team in hosting a spectacular evening in concert with various different gospel artists across the African continent to celebrate the diversity of Africa
through music and dance.

We were prouder to not only have an incredibly diverse audience, but a diverse line up of artist singing in various vernacular languages, some they were unfamiliar with.
We were graced with performances by: Van Stephy, Brother Tsepho, JC Nluta, Brother Philemon, James Majila and the one and only Joshua Mayika, as you can see this line up surely does speak for itself. We were delighted to be there to witness the solidarity among all humans.


It is always an immense pleasure for Tribal Freedom Fighter to jump on board such amazing events as they coincide exactly with what our vision is for Africans. To be able to come together, from different countries, ethnicities and tribes in celebration and embrace of one another true music and dance is something that we value. We hope that with our help we were able to help Kwetou Gospel Events create an atmosphere of embrace for one another and spread the message that Africa will unite.


We, as Tribale Freedom Fighter would like to express great thanks to Ludovic Bokuli as well as Kwetou Gospel for having us on board. A special thanks to Common Ground Church in Wynberg for hosting, to the artists that performed, the bands and back up vocalists, the ushers and most importantly the audience that came out in numbers and in full support. Thank you and may you continue to remember that the future of Africa is in your hands and never forget that we are one.